Paper Wallet

Paper Wallet

A paper wallet is an option in which you can hold the BTC in Paper form along with Private keys. This section of Unocoin is for advanced users. When this page loads, it also loads a javascript (a modified version of which has the ability to create bitcoin private and public key pairs.


To create a Paper wallet:

Click on more-----Paper Wallet.

You will find a new wallet address with the private key generated. Take a printout of that keep safely, if it is lost you will be unable to redeem your BTC.

Unocoin is not responsible for the private keys.

You can send the BTC from the Unocoin wallet address to the new wallet address found in your paper wallet.

You can have multiple paper wallets generated and split the sent BTC’s.

To redeem the Paper wallet:

  • Go to the BlockChain website and go to send option,

  • Enter your Unocoin wallet address and sweep the private key available in your paper wallet.

  • The BTC will be received in your Unocoin BTC wallet.


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